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Morning Bowing Meditation for Transformation

Bowing has been practice by many spiritual traditions for many centuries to help create a space of emptiness and transformation.  The practice of bowing allows the practionar to let go and surrender into that which is greater then oneself. Bowing can help improve muscle mass, stress reduction, blood sugar levels, joint stiffness and blood circulation. 

We will be meeting  for six days straight to create a space of letting go and surrender. A intention will be set and the practice of bowing will be used empower this intention. We will be bowing one hundred and eight times. One hundred and eight is a sacred number from Hinduism and Buddhism.  There are one hundred and eight defilements in the mind, or one hundred and eight compartments in the mind. Each bow takes away one defilement, cleans one compartment in the mind.  During the Last three days there will be a suggested master cleanse to  clear the body even deeper. Instruction for the master cleanse will be given.  The bowing meditation will end with a Sound Healing.

"The bow is an expression of gratitude for the utter giftedness of life itself in this very moment. We bow to the ground, the Earth, Mother Earth, of which we are a part, but in doing so we are also bowing to the "ground" of all that is, God, Source, and Sustainer of all that is........ thus the bow is a gesture of communion with all that lives within."


Cost: $45.00 if register before 2/13

           $60.00 if register after 2/13

(ask  about our scholarship program if would like to attend but can not afford the cost)

To register please call 201-527-8668 or email



Later Event: February 20
Chi Gong/Tai Chi 3 Hour Seminar